From Collaboration to Innovation to Action: Scaling local solutions to address global challenges

February 18, 2014
1:00-2:00pm EST

Tricia Napor
Principal Manager
Alcoa Foundation 

Susan Zielinski
Managing Director,
(Sustainable Mobility
& Accessibility
Research &
 University of Michigan

Elena Bondarchuk 
Projects Manager
Fund for Sustainable

John Davies
Joel Makower
Executive Editor
GreenBiz Group

Three years ago, the Alcoa Foundation invested $4 million to develop sustainability solutions in transportation, water purification, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and ecosystem restoration. It partnered with 10 universities around the world to support research efforts that could be quickly translated into marketplace solutions across industries and geographies.

The fruits of those partnerships are now ripening, creating innovative and scalable solutions — but also a new model for how companies, universities, NGOs and communities can come together to create tangible and impactful solutions.

In this hourlong webcast, you’ll hear from Alcoa Foundation and two of its partners on what it takes to build productive partnerships, and the opportunities for companies leverage funding and partnerships in innovative ways.

You’ll learn:

  • A funding and partnership model for making sustainability related research actionable for a variety of environmental challenges in markets around the world.
  • How the latest research in sustainable ag, renewable and economically viable energy sources and ecosystem restoration is informing decisions around the world. 
  • How technology and a mix of transit modes can be used to increase the speed, comfort and sustainability of personal transportation in an urban setting.
  • How municipalities can utilize aquatic plants to clean heavily polluted water.

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