Your Guide to Enterprise-Wide Sustainability Performance

Your Guide To Enterprise-Wide Sustainability PerformancePE INTERNATIONAL


Knowledge Is Power

Never before have we seen environmental consciousness, social responsibility and sound economic health being discussed at the same table in the boardrooms of successful global companies.

Companies today are challenged to consider people and the planet in decision-making. If knowledge is power, as the adage goes, then the amount of information required for operating a sustainable business has grown exponentially.

Manage your Enterprise Sustainability Performance

Sustainability information spans operations, buildings, products and supply chains and resides in many shapes and forms inside the organization and across its value chain. Once captured, this information empowers enterprises to improve the use of raw material, energy and resources and to reduce carbon emissions and waste. Think of it as managing “Enterprise Sustainability Performance (ESP)” - a way to create savings, reduce risk and build a key competitive differentiator for organizations that are successful at it.