Sustain Your Campus. Sustain Your Brand: The Impact of Sustainability on Your College or University Brand

September 11, 2013
2:00-3:00pm EST

ERIN Hafner
Erin Hafner
Office of Sustainability
University of Notre Dame

Nick Brown
Nicholas Brown
Senior Sustainability Scientist
Arizona State University
Global Institute of Sustainability

Boi-Yeanoh Adams
Education Program Manager,
Public Sector Solutions
Waste Management

Jason Pearson
Joel Makower
Executive Editor
GreenBiz Group

Much like the private sector, colleges and universities are viewing sustainability as a competitive differentiator in a crowded marketplace. Universities are establishing sustainable initiatives such as energy and water conservation, materials management and recycling and green procurement practices. While many of these initiatives impact the bottom line, they also bring critical benefits to establishing an eco-friendly brand.

Arizona State University and University of Notre Dame have both built strong brands around sustainability, engaging students and the community to be seen as leaders. Today, sustainability isn’t merely an operating principle — it’s part of daily student life at both universities.

Join us for a free, one-hour webcast exploring these universities’ experiences and insights.  You’ll learn:

  • How the universities address their unique sustainability challenges
  • How the universities define and  measure success -  beyond traditional metrics
  • How success has directly impacted their institutional brands
  • How they identified partners with the expertise needed to help them achieve their goals 

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