5 Keys to Unlocking CFO Approval

5 Keys to Unlocking CFO ApprovalPE INTERNATIONAL

Published by Noesis Energy

Do you prepare and pitch efficiency project proposals to financial decision makers but often find that seemingly viable projects get rejected? Have you ever had a project stalled or turned away because the decision maker didn’t understand or trust the savings estimates? Getting a CFO to believe that your efficiency project is a smart investment for their business can be hard, especially when the proposal isn’t tailored to the CFO. At Noesis, we talk a lot with energy professionals to learn why CFOs hold back from approving efficiency projects and what can be done to make efficiency proposals more CFO-friendly. In this eBook, we’ve nailed down the 5 best practices to implement into your project proposal process to get more projects approved. Download this guide to learn the 5 keys needed to make your project proposals more compelling and ultimately unlock CFO approval.