Zero Waste and Recycling: How Companies Manage Green Messaging

June 16, 2015
1:00-2:00pm ET

Scott Burns
Scott Burns
Associate Director- Purchases, Go-To-Market Purchases
Procter &Gamble
Paul Campbell Sears
Paul Campbell
Director of Sustainability and Green Leadership
Sears Holding Corporation
Tad Radzinski
Certification Officer
GreenCircle Certified, LLC
Joel Makower
Joel Makower
Chairman & Executive Editor
GreenBiz Group

Everyone seems to be headed toward “zero waste,” but sustainability and green claims related to leading-edge waste management practices are subject to increasing scrutiny from NGOs, competitors, supply-chain partners and consumers. Without systems in place to substantiate such claims, even the most well-intentioned companies can inadvertently put their reputation at risk.

Internal systems, industry or consensus standards, supply-chain sustainability valuations and third-party verification are all tools companies are using to mitigate risk and differentiate themselves. To succeed requires developing expertise to ensure that claims are specific, appropriately qualified and adequately supported by competent and reliable evidence.

In this free, one-hour webcast you’ll learn:

  • The risks of making claims around waste-management practices, and your company’s options in managing these risks
  • The value of third-party verification and how it impacts a company’s system processes
  • What leadership companies are doing to message their waste-related sustainability accomplishments
  • How to get your company ready for third-party verification

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