Green Careers: Unlocking Hidden Employment Potential

Green Careers: Unlocking Hidden Employment PotentialPE INTERNATIONAL

Published by University of Colorado Boulder's Sustainable Practices Program

Are you interested in helping organizations around the country become leaders in environmental stewardship? This career guide examines the rising demand for skilled sustainability professionals and how the University of Colorado-Boulder’s online non-credit sustainability management certificates are a perfect fit for anyone looking to enter this dynamic, exciting field.

Sustainability managers and consultants fulfill a wide variety of functions within their organizations, driving green practices and coordinating employee efforts to maintain a balance between people, planet, and profit. As the field is still relatively new, the paths to a career in sustainability are as varied and unique as the accountabilities of its leaders. As such, there isn’t necessarily a single path to a successful career in the field. This guide explores the many ways in which practical skills in sustainability can help an aspiring green leader become an essential asset to any company or nonprofit. It also explores the necessary blend of creativity, ingenuity, and flexibility required to excel in this fluid, expanding industry, and breaks down the future trends that will shape sustainable practices in the coming years.